Luggage storage in Moscow, like everywhere as a place where you have an opportunity to leave your bags or suitcases. This service appears to be extremely actual if you are going to enjoy the city, but you have no enough time to stand in hotel.

Heavy bags are able to spoil the mood even if the trip was really desirable and expected. This is especially true for tourists with children. Usually, in most cases, parents have to carry their things along with their suitcase. We suppose, you can agree with us: t is much easier to hand over things to the luggage storage.

Luggage storage is relevant for the elderly, as it is already difficult for them to carry their baggage. Seniors just want to relax and not to think constantly about annoying bags.

Moreover, luggage storage is suitable for active youth. Yong people desire to see everything, to fully enjoy the city, to join its life and visit all the sights. Of course, bags would be an obstacle. It is not allowed to visit museums or art galleries with suitcase, for example. Besides, photos without bags are much better. So, leave your belongings in the luggage storage and enjoy your trip!

It is important to note that the luggage storage is not a warehouse or storehouse. Unlike the latter, travelers can leave their belongings only for a day or even less. Employees of  the luggage storage adapt to their wishes, trying to make the service as convenient as possible.

There are hand and automatic luggage storage. We believe that the hand luggage storage is still better. You give the baggage to the officer personally, this is a certain degree of trust. Furthermore, the worker as a city dweller knows some special places that are not in the tourist guides.

Luggage storage becomes a completely convenient service if courier can pick up and deliver your suitcase to any place in the city. You do not need to go somewhere specific, look for a place on the map, change your plans. Service will adjust to you. That's why we created the company Light trip!

Travel with our luggage storage Light trip!

 Luggage storage in Moscow. Safety or not?